Texas great-grandmother shoots 12-foot gator as revenge for killing mini-horse

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Granny got her gun — and the alligator that crossed her by eating her prized pony is history.

Judy B. Cochran, the mayor of Livingston, Texas, got her revenge on a 12-foot, 580-pound alligator she believes ate one of her miniature horses years ago when she killed it on Sunday, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Livingston Mayor Judy Cochran poses with the 12-foot alligator she shot.
Livingston Mayor Judy Cochran poses with the 12-foot alligator she shot.via KPRC

“The gator was large enough it could have eaten the mini-horse and the other gators are much smaller,” Cochran told NBC News. “The horse just came up missing and it was in the same pasture where the gator had been. To say for sure it’s the same gator, I cant say for sure but I highly suspect.”

The gator was caught after being hooked using raccoon roadkill as bait. Then, while the gator was roped and on the line, Cochran fired a single shot into the animal’s head, killing it.

Cochran, who became a great-grandmother on Friday, said she met all the requirements for hunting the alligator and that the reptile is in season, as first reported by the Houston Chronicle, but an animal right’s group compared the shooting of the gator to shooting fish in a barrel.

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