N. Korea nuke test halt could be ruse, but a sign Pyongyang serious about talks

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That said, the famously secretive “hermit kingdom” — the hardest of all intelligence targets for the U.S — has just opened a hotline between the leaders of South and North Korea.

It was tested for the first time Friday local time for four minutes, South Korea’s chief officer of state affairs said. Aides were said to have discussed the weather at one point.


As long as Trump administration taps into the expertise of professional analysts at CIA and NSC, and those remaining at the State Department, there is a chance this could lead to a significant change for a peninsula that has been living on a nuclear precipice for decades — if not full denuclearization, at least some form of verifiable containment.

After all, chatting about the weather is better than where the world was in early January, when Kim and Trump were comparing the size of their nuclear buttons.

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