Fox News' Sean Hannity Is Already Blaming Democrats for the Shooting at a Local Maryland Paper

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Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

Fox News’ Sean Hannity wasted no time trying to blame Democrats Thursday for a mass shooting at the Capital Gazette, a local Maryland newspaper, even as there was limited information about the crime, its victims, and its perpetrator. 

Hannity began by saying on his radio show, “It’s so sad that there are so many sick, demented, and evil people in this world.” He immediately said that a mass shooting carried out with a firearm has nothing to do with guns.

But then his comments became really absurd.

“You know, as I’ve always said, I mean honestly — I’ve been saying now for days that something horrible was going to happen because of the rhetoric,” he said. “Really [Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)]? You want people to create — ‘call your friends, get in their faces,’ and [President Barack Obama] said that too. ‘Get in their faces, call them out, call your friends, get protesters, follow them into restaurants and shopping malls,’ and wherever else she said.”

Despite multiple sources misrepresenting Waters’ recent remarks, the Democratic lawmaker only called for direct protests of Trump administration officials in a recent statement. Even in his comments on Thursday, though, Hannity didn’t imply that she promoted any form of violence — just protest, which is protected by the First Amendment.

It’s not at all clear what calling for protests has to do with a violent attack on a newspaper, but Hannity drew the connection anyway.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has, in fact, used wildly inflammatory statements about American journalists, recently declaring them the “enemy of the people.” Even still, it’s far too early to draw a causal connection between that rhetoric and Thursday’s shooting. But Hannity didn’t even mention these incendiary remarks or any other potential role the president has played in stoking tensions in the United States.

Listen to Hannity’s remarks below:

Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.

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