Ex-White House Staffers Can't Find Jobs After Working For Trump: 'Not Everyone Can Get a Gig at Fox News’

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Photo Credit: Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Working for the White House is often a career goal for the politically-inclined, the kind of job policy nerds dream about during their high school civics classes. But, as the conservative Washington Examiner reports, working for President Donald Trump’s administration might be more of a career-ending move than a strategic undertaking.

“During my time there I was thinking: ‘Is this experience going to hurt me or help me?’” a former administration aide told the Examiner. “He is a polarizing president. Some people love what he says and some people hate it.”

Another person said that staffers who are not considering the impact the Trump name may have on their resumes “are king of stupid.”

“The people who have left on their own terms are happy with where they ended up,” the source said. “The people who were asked to leave, I’m not so sure about.”

An employee currently working in the administration explained part of the problem is that there aren’t enough jobs at Fox News, the president’s favorite TV news channel and a former employer for many of Trump’s hires—including national security adviser John Bolton.

“Not everyone can get a gig at Fox News,” the employer complained. “A lot of us are going back home.”

As the Examiner notes, some companies—when they’re willing to take a chance on former administration officials—don’t make a big show of that person’s credentials.

George Sifakis, who worked as an assistant to Trump, was recently hired as CEO of Ideagen Global, which neglected to include the Trump White House in the company’s press release announcing Sifakis’ hiring.


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