‘Nurdles’: A Plastic Killer of the Ocean

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Sessions Considers 2nd Special Counsel to Investigate ‘Uranium One,’ Other GOP Concerns (Trevin)

The list, submitted by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), also includes the FBI’s handling of the Clinton private email server case, and Comey’s handling of leaks about his conversations with President Trump.

Ted Cruz Pulls Roy Moore Endorsement (Dan)

One of the Senate candidate’s biggest supporters, Ted Cruz, has rescinded his endorsement of Roy Moore, citing “grown men don’t usually sign high school girl’s yearbooks.”

Swing State Florida Discusses Trump’s First Year (Reader Steve)

Interested in the political future of Florida? Here’s how politicos judge Trump and the future.

Trump and Brexit’s Militant Effect on the EU (Dan)

Plans for a joint European military force outside of NATO are growing in the aftermath of Brexit and Donald Trump. Britain was skeptical any European military force would only undermine an allegiance with Washington, while Trump has advocated a pullback of NATO under the “America First” banner. Thus, European powers are considering other options.

Why Have We Built a Paradise for Offshore Billionaires? (Jimmy)

Thomas Frank writes, “What we have learned this week is the clinical definition of the word [inequality]. What we have learned is how much the rich and the virtuous have been hiding away and where they’re hiding it. Yes, there are sinister-looking Russian capitalists involved. But there’s also our favorite actors and singers. Our beloved alma mater, supposedly a charitable institution. Everyone with money seems to be in on it.”

Obama, Trump And Saudi Arabia Devastated Yemen. Congress Is Acting. Slowly. (Jimmy)

Akbar Shahid Ahmed writes, “The U.S. House voted, 366-30, on Monday night to pass a resolution condemning civilian deaths, starvation and the spread of disease in Yemen, admitting that much of the responsibility for that humanitarian crisis rests with the U.S. because of its support for a Saudi-led military intervention and noting that the war has allowed al Qaeda, Islamic State and other groups to thrive.”

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