On <em>Meet the Press, </em>four senators tell their stories of sexual harassment

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): The Harvey Weinstein story brought has to light the ugliness, the humiliation, and perhaps most of all the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault. Many of us, men mostly, we’re not aware or chose not to be aware of how common this kind of behavior apparently is. So we decided to do something different here at Meet the Press this week. We asked every female member of the United States Senate, all 21, if they had stories that they wanted to share about sexual harassment. Four senators, all Democrats, said yes and told us of experiences early in their careers: [Sens.] Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii. Here now are their stories.


Lesson of horrific Weinstein reports: Be a voice for the oppressed, or help the oppressors stay in power

Harvey Weinstein, the entertainment industry, and the news media: A timeline of complicity 

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