On <em>The Bill Press Show</em>, <em>Media Matters</em>' Matt Gertz explains how Laura Ingraham will impact Fox's prime-time lineup

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BILL PRESS (HOST): So back to Laura Ingraham, she rounds out the prime-time lineup, right?

MATTHEW GERTZ: She does. She slides into the 10 p.m. slot. Hannity moved back to 9 p.m. This all was sort of started because Eric Bolling’s show had to be canceled because he was sexually harassing other people at Fox News and so they moved The Five from a prime-time lineup that sort of bizarre panel show back to 5 p.m. and so yeah she’s stepping into the breach. She’s a longtime radio host, conservative talk radio host and has been in the Fox News family as a contributor for quite some time and doing sort of guest hosting duties for O’Reilly and Hannity from time to time as well. She’s interesting and sort of a little bit of a different flavor for the network because she’s much more interested in the sort of machinations of the Republican Party and what it’s composition will be and who will be in charge of it than the other hosts are. You know, Tucker Carlson doesn’t —

PRESS: She gets into supporting candidates.

GERTZ: Yes, absolutely. Earlier this week on Tuesday night she did a fundraiser for Kelli Ward, who’s the sort of conservative challenger to Jeff Flake in Arizona. She was joined by Steve Bannon at that event and I’m sure raised a good amount of money for the candidate.

PRESS: Did she support Roy Moore?

GERTZ:  Uh, yes, she did support Roy Moore. Hannity did too. Hannity sort of dabbles in primaries but doesn’t really get involved. Ingraham will go out and she will —

PRESS: She’s big time in there.

GERTZ: She does events. She does fundraisers.

PRESS: I mean she’s a Trump toadie too, but she’s expressed some criticism of Trump and establishment Republicans.

GERTZ: Certainly establishment Republicans and a little bit of Trump from time to time that he’s not quite pushing hard enough or pure enough but you know at the end of the day she’s still on board. But she, as you say, because she is so involved it is sort of a different thing. It’s adding something new to the table. It’s something that I think should make Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a little bit nervous because she now has a massive platform on Fox News that she can use on a daily basis to go after sitting Republican senators who have primary challengers. She can bring on the challengers onto the show. She can sort of publicly endorse them. She can let them use the show to raise money. This was something we saw a lot in 2014 and 2010 from Fox News but that was always with general election candidates. We haven’t seen a Fox News host target sitting Republican members before. I think that’s what we will get a lot of on Laura Ingraham’s show. She’s very interested in it. She’s very dedicated to it and I think she’ll probably pull Hannity along for some of that too.


Fox News’ new prime-time lineup prepares to remake the GOP in Trump’s image

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