<em>Fox & Friends</em> lets Trump lie twice about hospitalized senator for GOP health care failure  

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PETE HEGSETH: Mr. President, the health care bill this week went down in the Senate. What about this plan makes you feel confident that it won’t meet the same fate?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, Pete, the health care bill didn’t go down. We have the votes, but reconciliation is a disaster. But as you know, it ends on Friday. So we don’t have enough time because we have one senator who’s a yes vote, a great person, but he’s in the hospital and he’s a yes vote. So we can’t do it by Friday. So, we have the votes. We will do it sometime at the beginning of the year, but prior to the election in November. 


TRUMP: We have the votes to get health care reform done. You can’t go do it when somebody is in the hospital. You know, when you have 52 votes and you need 51, it’s, you know, it’s very hard to get because you always have somebody and some cases they want to grandstand. A lot of bad things happen. 

But we have the votes, but we don’t have the time because it’s Friday. I mean literally, Friday it ends at a certain time on Friday. So we’ll bring it into a few months from now. We’ll vote it. It’s block grants. It’s going to be great health care.

An hour after the segment aired, Hegseth corrected Trump:

HEGSETH: Brian, in the last hour you asked who that senator was that’s hospitalized. It’s Thad Cochran. He’s not formally hospitalized but he had a urological test or treatment a while back and is recovering at his home in Mississippi so not able to be in Washington. 


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