Barrett Brown Takes on Dallas Politics

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How does a progressive, anti-establishment kind of guy keep winning elections in Dallas, Texas, with all of the city’s establishment forces — including the mayor and the powerful Dallas Morning News — against him?

How did Philip Kingston once again get elected to the Dallas City Council?

One big reason may be that, as he explains below, “better communication diminishes the influence of money in public.”

What he communicates on his website clearly appeals to voters: “an urbanist, neighborhood-first agenda.” And if his claims are true, it is easy to see why he continues to attract votes — as well as enemies among the establishment.

Kingston says he has “helped spearhead the rebirth of the entertainment districts… with community safety and walkability in mind… [tried] to help solve the pension crisis for Dallas police and firefighters… brought about a living wage ordinance and rest-break protection for construction workers in Dallas… will continue to fight to protect all citizens of Dallas and residents of District 14 from discrimination of any kind…”

In his latest podcast for WhoWhatWhy, Barrett Brown talks to Kingston about the importance of local civic participation, particularly at a time when many believe that being involved in politics, with an eye toward changing policy at the national level, seems useless.

Brown and Kingston discuss how, on issues ranging from global warming to transportation and housing, effecting change on a local level may be the only way to go.

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