On Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. appears to confirm Comey's testimony on Flynn investigation

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DONALD TRUMP JR.: I think it’s clear that everything that went on in the Comey testimony was basically ridiculous. They’re saying, “hey, he never asked me to stop a Russia investigation.” When I hear the Flynn comments, you know my father a long time, when he tells you to do something, guess what, there is no ambiguity in it. There is no, “hey, I’m hoping.” You and I are friends, “hey, I hope this happens, but you’ve got to do your job.” That’s what he told Comey, and for this guy, as a politician, to then go back and write a memo, “oh, I felt threatened.” He felt so threatened? But, he didn’t do anything.


JEANINE PIRRO (HOST): Did he lie under oath when he said —

TRUMP JR.: The dates seem very confusing to me, based on what I saw in The New York Times and based on his claim that it was because of a tweet from my father the day after? It doesn’t seem right to me. 

PIRRO: That can’t be the reason that it’s based on a tweet when The New York Times had it. 

TRUMP JR.: Listen, he’s a very sophisticated political player, and he’s playing the game, but I think he even got caught up in his own nonsense on this one.


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