Seth Meyers Reminds Us Trump Is Even More Clueless About World Affairs Than We Think

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Photo Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

After FBI Chief Robert Mueller was appointed to oversee the Russia investigation previously conducted by James Comey, late night host Seth Meyers weighed in on the the chain of events leading up to Trump’s first major trip abroad since his election. 

“Donald Trump and his associates are facing multiple FBI investigations over foreign payments and possible collusion with a foreign government as well as investigations in the House and Senate and now a special counsel,” Meyers began Thursday night’s “Closer Look.” “This isn’t Watergate, it’s the Watergate Express.”

The timing of the Comey fallout could not be worse. Trump’s excursion to Europe and the Middle East begins on Friday, although the president’s sheer lack of knowledge in world affairs has been drastically overshadowed by the chaos consuming the White House.

“Today, Trump took questions for the first time on the appointment of a special counsel during a press conference with the president of Colombia,” noted Meyers. “But even when he was trying to focus on topics other than the Russia investigation, he didn’t seem very sure of himself, like when he discussed the two countries’ joint efforts to end the production of coca, from which cocaine is made. But he kept mispronouncing it.”

“Last year, Colombia ‘cocoa’ cultivation and cocaine production reached a record high,” Trump announced. “Today, I affirm the United States’ willingness to assist Colombia’s strategy to target and eliminate drug trafficking networks, illicit financings [and] ‘cocoa’ cultivation.”

“Cocoa? Does he think chocolate and cocaine come from the same place?” Meyers asked in response.


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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