Army Vet Goes All the Way In on Newly Appointed Trump Official's 'Toy Uniform' with Its 'Novelty Pins'

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Photo Credit: Screenshot / YouTube

It’s hard to say whether or not Milwaukee’s failed Sheriff David Clarke is or is not the next assistant deputy secretary of Homeland Security, as reports are mixed—Clarke says he accepts the job while the White House says nothing is official. The one thing we know about Sheriff Clarke is that a man died of dehydration in one of his jails after being denied water for seven days while awaiting a psych evaluation. We also know that Clarke is probably a sham of a fraud of a charlatan of a person, as is virtually everyone connected to unpopular President Trump. If you’ve ever seen Clarke you know he likes to keep a very pristine and authoritative style. Shiny cowboy hats and uniforms. When he speaks at big conservative rallies he also loves to put on a ton of important looking “medals.” Charles Clymer is an Army veteran and yesterday he voiced a rant on something that many of us have been annoyed by but in no position to really know—what’s the deal with all those “decorations?”

Walter Einenkel is a social media editor and writer at DailyKos. 

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