On <em>The Bill Press Show</em>, <em>Media Matters</em>' Cristina López explains how right-wing media "play with lives" by hyping hurricane conspiracy theories

Loading the player reg… CRISTINA LÓPEZ: According to Rush Limbaugh, hurricanes are props, are cooked up, apparently, by liberals, progressives that

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On Al Jazeera's <em>The Listening Post</em>, <em>Media Matters</em>' Angelo Carusone: "The U.S. media is in denial when it comes to the threat of right-wing extremism"

ANGELO CARUSONE (MEDIA MATTERS PRESIDENT): If you’re a corporation like GoDaddy, what you’re doing is responding to market forces. They get to

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<em>Media Matters</em>' Julie Millican on <em>The Bill Press Show</em>: Our president gets his information from <em>Fox & Friends</em>, and that “should horrify everybody”

Loading the player reg… PETER OGBURN (HOST): Let’s talk first about Fox News, because when we talk about “state-run media”

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