Republicans Are The Party Of Sexual Assault Against Women

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This clip from Morning Joe this morning has two important components. First up, Orrin Hatch of 1991 thought reopening an FBI background investigation (delaying the confirmation of Clarence Thomas by three whole days) was a terrific idea. Joe Scarborough wonders why the Orrin Hatch of 2018 won’t talk to the Orrin Hatch of 1991.

And then Elise Jordan delivers some very bad news to Republicans who think their party will be able to wash off the Trump stink down the road:

ELISE JORDAN: You wonder with the White House that it’s not even about Brett Kavanaugh anymore. It’s much bigger than that. This is brutal partisan warfare, and it’s all completely clouded by the man himself who sits in the Oval Office, Donald Trump, who has been accused by over a dozen women of sexual assault and other harassment charges. And so, by enabling a man like Donald Trump to receive the Republican nomination, by supporting him, no Republican man from here on out gets the benefit of the doubt, as long as Donald Trump is in office and perhaps for far longer, simply because of what they have enabled. And we’re going to see that play out with women voters in the mid-terms.

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