Really, Today Show? Sean Spicer Pimps His Book On NBC

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I don’t care what deal NBC has with Regnery Press that they have to host Sean Spicer so he can pimp his new book, “I’m Under Trump’s Non-Disclosure Agreement So This Book Says Literally Nothing Give Me Money KThxBye.”

Sean Spicer obviously signed an NDA with Trump, and even if it’s not enforceable because Spicer was a federal employee in the White House, Sean obviously doesn’t have lawyer money to defend himself.

And whatever your network is getting for having this piece of sh*t liar on, it isn’t enough, NBC. Your bookers should not whore out the reputation of your network like this.

But hey, MSNBC found three separate slots to help Ann Coulter promote “In Trump We Trust” so I guess there’s no bottom to the book promotion sewer at 30 Rock.

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