Fox & Friends Quietly Deletes Tweet After Claiming Mueller Snared No One From Trump's Campaign

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The Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Sunday claimed in a tweet that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation had not implicated anyone from the Trump campaign.

Hours before Donald Trump was scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Fox & Friends tweeted a video clip and asserted that Mueller “still hasn’t tied anyone from the campaign to the probe.”

As CNN’s Brian Stelter pointed out, the tweet erroneously claimed that Mueller is looking to end the probe because no members of the Trump campaign have been “tied” to the case. In fact, several members of Trump’s 2016 campaign have already been indicted in Mueller’s probe — including campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

CNBC’s John Harwood found the tweet so outlandish that he joked that it came from a “parody” account.

In a clip associated with the tweet, Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth complained that Mueller’s team had found no “colluson.”

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