Nicaraguan-American Girl Breaks Down In Father's Day Interview Over Possibility Of Losing Undocumented Dad

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A 12-year-old Nicaraguan-American girl broke down in tears on Father’s Day over the possibility that her parents could be deported due to Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

During a Father’s Day interview, NBC’s Mariana Atencio spoke to the girl — who was identified as “Leah” — just prior to an immigration rally in McAllen, Texas, where families and children are being separated by Customs and Border Protection agents.

“At 12 years old, every day of your life you live with this fear that [your parents] could be taken from you, that you could get home and not find them there,” Atencio noted. “Can you tell me what that is like?”

“That fear is really scary,” Leah said. “And once you live it, it is like you can never get over it.”

As the girl began to cry, Atencio attempted to comfort her.

“Because I’m a young child,” Leah continued. “And I’m supposed to be with my family happy. But that is hard because now I have to live with this fear of them being in [the detention center]. And me all alone no one to take care of me. And that is really hard.”

“Thank you for being brave and talking to us today because you’re speaking for many children,” Atencio explained.

Leah presented a stack of letters from children across the country to the kids who are being separated from their families as they try to seek asylum in the U.S.

“You are loved and cherished,” one letter said. “We have not forgotten you and we will continue to fight and protect your family.”

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