Marco Antonio Muñoz. On Father's Day, Say His Name.

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Marco Antonio Muñoz.

On Father’s Day, please take a moment to think about this man who is no longer alive to father his three-year-old son because of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. Because of Ted Cruz and Stephen Miller. Because of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

Please take a moment to think about this man who wanted a life for his baby that was free from terror. A life that was safe and full of hope. One he thought he would find in the United States. Imagine the perils of the journey he faced with his precious child – traveling the long and dangerous roads all the way from Honduras, only to reach this country to have that same baby torn from his arms screaming for him and taken away because our government hates him for being brown and from elsewhere.

Imagine not knowing the language and being isolated and driven farther and farther away from your child and wife and put in a padded cell with no contact with any other humans, and seeing no way less painful than death.

Marco Antonio Muñoz.

You can think about him. Or, you can choose this heartless, fascist GOP party that now governs all three branches of our country.

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And because he couldn’t even be bothered to type the words, he had to retweet the Official White House’s tweet…

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