Feckless C*nt Sean Hannity Says Mueller Witnesses Should Smash Phones

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Sean Hannity got everyone’s attention last night by being a feckless c*nt:

“Delete your emails, acid-wash your emails and hard drives on the phones, take your phones and bash them with a hammer to little itsy-bitsy pieces, use BleachBit, remove SIM cards, then take the pieces and hand them over to Robert Mueller.”

Any or all of the following can be true:

Hannity is freaking out about his exposure in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Hannity is promoting a FALSE Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory and using “but her emails” as a diversion tactic for Trump.

Hannity doesn’t know how The Cloud works.

Oh wait Hannity said it was a joke. That he repeated over and over.

UPDATE: Someone had fun with this story:

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