The View: Sean Hannity Is Donald Trump's 'Work Wife'

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The Fox News influence over Donald Trump is getting worse and worse as Olivia Nuzzi’s report suggests, especially when it comes to Sean Hannity’s influence.

ABC’s The View waited almost thirty minutes to weigh in on this story. Whoopie Goldberg played some Barry White to get the mood correct.

“We need to set the mood a little. New York Magazine claims that Sean Hannity has been keeping the White House resident up late at night by making bedtime phone calls to him.

Oh, yeah.

So they can dish about the stuff like Russia, the investigation. how both their ratings are great or that gossip about the other talk show hosts.

[ laughter ]

“Does this relationship —- confuse you at all or concern you?”

Behar said, “I’ll tell you, I wonder if Vladimir Putin knows. Oh, my God. That’s his real boyfriend.”

[ laughter ]

“Can you imagine the texts that go back and forth? hey, you up?”

“Sunny’s sexy dancing is making my morning.”

Whoopie tossed in, “I mean, is there anything odd about this that every night?”

“Everyone has a work wife, and her name is Sean Hannity. I think it’s a work spouse.”

Joy Behar quipped, “This is really the major leak. The president is telling him and he’s saying it on television.”

How embarrassing for a POTUS to be mixed up with a fire-breather like Hannity.

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