Sean Hannity Seems Reluctant To Interview Michael Avenatti

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Sean Hannity’s excuse for not interviewing Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, was just blown out of the water by Rudy Giuliani. So why is Hannity continuing to avoid an on-air discussion with Avenatti?

You may recall that Hannity responded to Avenatti’s request last week to appear on the Hannity show by calling the Stormy Daniels case “old news.”

But thanks to Hannity’s own interview with Giuliani this week, the Daniels case could hardly be bigger news. But, apparently, Hannity is still unwilling to host Avenatti.

Avenatti responded to an invitation from Laura Ingraham by saying that Fox has been “dodging” him on a Hannity interview. He even offered to appear with Giuliani.

Hannity ends every broadcast by saying his show “will always be fair and balanced.”

So who could better balance Giuliani than Avenatti?

Hannity is acting as though talking to Avenatti on the air would be as terrifying as being waterboarded.

After all, we know that a debate with Avenatti, with or without Giuliani, would probably be a big ratings getter. And even though Hannity was back on top in April, he has to be worried about whether Rachel Maddow will beat him again this month.

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Sorry, Sean, but you’re looking like one big chicken!

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