Huckabee Sanders Scolds Reporters: 'We Don't Get To Dictate How Other Countries Operate'

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Remarkably, the spokeswoman for the “president,” the person who is tasked with the duty to speak as if she were the “president” himself, claimed that Trump’s phone call to Putin was completely justified because “we don’t get to dictate how our countries operate.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders uttered those words in response to a reporter’s question about whether Trump believes the election in Russia was “free and fair.”

“We do know that Putin has been elected in their country and that’s not something that we can dictate to them how they operate.” she repeated. “We can only focus on the freeness and fairness of our election, something we 100% fairly support and something we’ll do everything we can to protect that bad actors don’t have the opportunity to impact them in any way.”

Apparently this does not extend to telling other countries to pay for Trump’s stupid wall, or for Trump to tell Iran he’ll tear up the deal with them if they don’t bend to his will, or for him to slap tariffs on China to change their trade behavior.

No, the only country treated with this kind of deference only extends to Putin’s Russia, despite all of the overwhelming evidence that Putin’s election was a corrupt sham, resplendent with stuffed ballot boxes and more.

I’m running out of words to describe how loathsome this “administration” is.

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