Tillerson's Firing Was Comey-esque UPDATED: Messenger Also Fired

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UPDATE: The guy who told us about Tillerson being fired via Twitter? Is now fired.

After Trump takes off for California. Cowardly so-called president we’ve got here.


As Chris Hayes said on Stephen Colbert the other night, Trump actually hates to fire people. Ironic, isn’t it?

That’s why he waits until the fire-ee is out of town, then fires him via Twitter, then leaves town himself.

It has a very Comey-esque firing feeling to it.

Comey found out he was fired while on a trip to California and Trump was mad Comey got to fly home on a government ticket.

Now Tillerson gets fired via Twitter while his wheels are up. And Trump flies away to look at prototypes for his stupid wall.

He’s a coward and so disorganized it would be a disgrace if we didn’t also have the disgrace of being this close to proving he’s being blackmailed by the dictator of Russia.


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