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Mmmm, second cuppa caw-fee … Whuh? Break’s over already? Uh-oh, here we go:

Joke/not joke from Zandar: Trump addressed his base (wealthy suck-ups looking to buy more tax cuts from him) at a fund-raiser held at one of the dumps bearing his name & revealed his secret Lizard King desires.

WhatWouldJackDo? Post an editorial cartoon mocking “real” Americans, a/k/a Trump’s Chumps.

S.T.E.M. stuff: Reverse Independence Day? “[A] paper postulating that space aliens could send us malware capable of destroying humanity”, from Bruce Schneier.

trade war talk from Southern Beale. “Chickens coming home to roost …”

Bonus assonance from that Big Bad Bald Bastard: “Alex Alienates Advertisers”.

I remain M. Bouffant, hunkered in the bunker of Evil & Ennui, because this wk. may be even wackier/more frightening than last wk. (It could happen.) Be careful out there!

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